There were a couple of things that stood out to me in this article. The fifth component of the Automatic Information Processing Model is attention, and there are two different types of attention. External attention is where your eyes and ears are focused, and internal attention which is what is happening in the individual’s mind. It talked about how students would read an assigned chapter, but couldn’t remember what they read because they weren’t really “paying attention” and their minds were wandering. I have this problem all the time! I never thought about the fact that I had a million other things going on in my mind while I was trying to read. If I have this problem, I wonder how many students have a lack of internal attention, and we might misinterpret that as lacking comprehension skills.

This article stated that guided reading was one of the best way to monitor children’s reading skills and development, and I totally agree. It is very difficult to pinpoint each student’s weaknesses when you are teaching 22 students. Having a smaller group of students is so beneficial to the students. They can get better individualized instruction that they need. During my student teaching, I witnessed how beneficial small group guided reading was. Each time students were assessed using running records they would move up a level each time.

I’ve always been told that round- robin reading is a no-no, but i’ve never really been given an explanation. Is it because some students may be embarrassed to read in front of their peers? Any input would be greatly appreciated!