This was a very easy read and I really enjoyed it. It fascinates me that children’s success in school, sometimes, depends on the family and how important literacy is to them. I know this is true, and i’m sure every teacher can see that. I wish all parents would read to their children every day, beginning when they are babies. They will develop and use more vocabulary, and hopefully they will see reading as a happy, positive activity. It is also very obvious that students who read more do build more vocabulary that students who do not. As for trying to get students to talk and write with their receptive vocabulary instead of their expressive, I need to work on that as well!

This model definitely fits into the Adams’s model. One of the processors was meaning, and that is where vocabulary would fit. Not only do students need to recognize the word, but they must also know the meaning of the word. Vocabulary is a very important component in reading, but the meaning processor must work with all other processors for successful reading. If you lack in one processor, the others will suffer.